What Books Does Conquest Press Reprint, And Why?

Each book offered by Conquest Press has been selected, proofread and edited by our team. This doesn’t simply mean that we read what we reprint. It means much more than that!

Words are powerful because they communicate ideas. Ideas matter because ideas have consequences.

We try to avoid offering books that present unbiblical ideas or messages as acceptable or right. Our bookshelves are stocked with books we believe to be consistent with the Word of God, books that are wholesome, and books that equip Christians to fight well in the Lord’s battles. We believe that this world is a battleground, not a playground. As such, we strive to provide today’s readers with books, essays and other written works that assist in guiding, shaping and encouraging Christians to becoming strong and steadfast soldiers, servants and stewards of God’s Kingdom.

We uphold values that might be labeled “old-fashioned,” but that we believe are vitally important in light of the Scriptures.

Books for Children

Books for children must portray parents as the God-ordained primary authority and guide in a child’s life and growth. Children in the stories must be respectful and obedient to their parents and respectful to elders. If they are not, children are kindly but justly punished for wrongdoing by those in authority over them, and so suffer the consequences of their sin. Finally, children must be, or are learning to be, responsible and useful people in an adult society.

We also do not publish literature with talking animals, or animals with human characteristics. We believe the Lord did not create animals and humans with equal value or “status” before God.

Science fiction, romantic stories, fairy tales, and fantasy stories are not to be found on our bookshelves. Books that portray life in fantastical, exciting, and otherwise thrilling ways do not reflect reality, nor do they do much to help the Christian live out the truths of Scripture in everyday, practical life. We believe that time may be better spent on reading books that directly relate to everyday life with all its struggles, heartaches, joys and triumphs.

Books for All Readers

The way authors handle the word of God in their books is important. Is the Bible reverenced, or ridiculed? Do the characters truly strive to live according to the Word of God, and find answers and wisdom in its pages? Or do they depend on their own strengths and “better judgement”? Are the consequences of not living in obedience to God objectively and truthfully illustrated? Do the characters pray? If the author is “Christian” and the book is marketed as “Christian,” how are the characters’ spiritual life and growth illustrated?

Does the story encourage sin in any way? In each of the books we publish, wrongdoing is clearly brought to the light, and punished in some way. The wrongdoer suffers for the wrong he or she has done; sin is never rewarded or praised. Redemption and forgiveness follow sincere repentance and change of heart before God and man.

These are just a few of the guidelines by which we choose which books to publish.

One day, each of us must account for the things we have said and done on this earth.

For us, this includes what books we offer, and why we have chosen to reprint those books. We pray that you will be blessed by reading the books on our bookshelves, and that they in no wise prove to be a detriment to your souls.

We encourage you to exercise discernment in choosing which books to read from us. Compare the ideas, arguments and messages in each book with what the Bible says. Ask trustworthy, mature Christian friends for their thoughts on certain books. Learn about the authors of the books that interest you to see if they are truly God-fearing, Christ-following writers and thinkers. Pray for wisdom and guidance in building the best library for you and your family.

The team at Conquest Press is imperfect; we do not claim to be the final authority in this arena. We simply strive to choose the best of what has been written in the past, and to make them available to Christians today.

God bless you, and thank you for reading.

Onward for Him!

The Staff at Conquest Press

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