A.L.O.E., A Lady Of England, stands for Charlotte Maria Tucker. Born in England in 1821, she was talented in music, drawing, writing, and teaching.  She wrote excellent stories and poems for children and adults for many years, bringing God to the forefront of everyday life and shining the spotlight of God’s will on everyday things. She served as a missionary in India for 18 years until her death in 1893.

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Isabella Alden

Isabella MacDonald Alden, or “Pansy,” was born in 1841. A pastor’s wife and prolific writer, she actively served wherever she found herself, and was passionate about bringing children to the knowledge of Christ. Her stories portray different facets of genuine Christian living through well-developed characters, and urges readers to search their own hearts and live on higher ground. By her death in 1930, Isabella Alden had left behind a rich legacy of books that speak of Christ’s salvation and the joys of living a Christian life with strength, courage and conviction.

Books by Isabella Alden

G.K. Chesterton

Gilbert Keith Chesterton was born in England in 1874. He was known for his exuberant personality, his rotund figure, and most of all for his many books, novels, poems, and essays. His writings were of three primary focuses: social criticism, literary criticism, and theology and religious argument. His well-known non-fiction works included Orthodoxy and What’s Wrong with the World: he also created the beloved fictitious detective priest, Father Brown. He died in 1936, shortly after completing his autobiography.

Books by G.K. Chesterton

Hesba Stretton

Sarah Smith, who used the pseudonym “Hesba Stretton” in her writings, was born in England in 1832. She was the daughter of a bookseller, the fourth of eight children. She was familiar with the plight of street children in the slums of London, and did much bless the poor and guide them toward Christ. Hesba penned upwards of fifty novels that highlight different truths and principles of the Christian faith in beautiful and unforgettable ways. She passed on to glory in 1911, five years after publishing her last book.

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Jeremiah Burroughs

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