Reader Review: Helen Lester

This book is about the beginning of a young girl’s Christian journey. The changed character of her eldest brother, who had believed on Christ and had just come home after being gone for some time, struck her as something out of the ordinary. He talked with her classmates, her siblings, and herself, and helped them walk in the straight and narrow path. His earnest, sincere conversations impressed her.

The reader can read how Helen overcomes trials and temptations in her daily life by God’s strength and grace. Her courage and determination to show her Christian colors to those around her is also evident, and will warm your heart.

This little book teaches us the important lesson that one cannot be good by himself or herself. Only with the help of Jesus can we overcome self and live as true Christ-followers.

As they learn more and more about their Father in Heaven, Helen and her siblings become shining lights to those around them, glorifying their heavenly Father by their words and actions. They become witnesses for their Savior everywhere. They learn to become God-honoring children to their parents, loving and kind schoolmates to their friends, and godly examples to those around them.

In this story, we read of how the Holy Spirit works in the heart of people, and how a family can be changed for the better through genuine trust and dependence in God.

We pray that this little story can touch the lives of those who read it, and that their hearts may be changed by the indwelling of the Spirit of God.

This book reminds all of us that we must always ask the Lord for help to live and obey Him in all things, and to ask Him for the grace and strength to live out His will for our lives. May those that read this little book learn to trust Him fully!

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Reviewed by Shoshana. 

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